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อาจารย์ นพ.ประภากร กลับกลาย

Prapakorn Klabklay, M.D.

สาขาที่เชี่ยวชาญ Sports Medicine


1994 – 2000         


Prince of Songkla University Songkla, Thailand

2000 - 2001

Surgery Intern

Songklanakarind Hospital Hat Yai Songkla Thailand

2002 – 2005         

Residency in Orthopedics Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Medicine

Faculty of Medicine Prince of Songkla University,Thailand


2005 - 2006 

Sports Medicine fellowship Institute of Orthopedics,

Leardsin General Hospital


2007 - 2008         

Sports Medicine fellowship Department of Orthopedics Sports Medicine 

Technical University of Munich, Germany 


2008 - 2009   

Shoulder and elbow clinician and investigator Department of Orthopedics Surgery ,Shoulder and Elbow clinic 

Kyung Hee university School of Medicine, Korea


Using a modified J-shaped Y-knot all-suture anchor to pass a suture under
the coracoid process in coracoclavicular stabilization

Maliwankul K, Klabklay P, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Int J Surg Case Rep

2022 Mar

A COVID-19 vaccination precipitating symptomatic calcific tendinitis: A
case report

Klabklay P, Boonsri P, Kanyakool P, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Ann Med Surg (Lond)

2022 Feb

Shoulder Injury Related to COVID-19 Vaccine Administration:
A Case Series

Maliwankul K, Boonsri P, Klabklay P, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Vaccines (Basel)

2022 Apr

Functional and Radiographic Outcomes of Intraoperatively Decreasing the Coracoclavicular Distance to 50% of the Unaffected Side in Stabilization of Acute Acromioclavicular Joint Injury

Klabklay P, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Orthop J Sports Med

2021 Ma

Using a Modified Kirschner Wire to Pass the First Suture Under the Coracoid Base in Coracoclavicular Stabilization

Chuaychoosakoon C, Klabklay K, Maliwankul K.

Arthrosc Tech

2021 Jul

Shuttle Suture Technique for Passing Rotator Cuff Suture Through the Plate Eyelet Holes in Proximal Humerus Fixation

Klabklay P, Wuttimanop W, Iemsaengchairat C, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Arthrosc Tech

2021 Jan

Shoulder injury related to Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine: A case report

Chuaychoosakoon C, Parinyakhup W, Tanutit P, Maliwankul K, Klabklay P.

Ann Med Surg (Lond)

2021 Aug

Coracoclavicular Stabilization With Two Loops of Equal Tension Using a Double O Loops Technique in the Distal Clavicle Fracture

Chuaychoosakoon C, Duangnumsawang Y, Klabklay P, Boonriong T, Apivatgaroon A.

Arthroscopy Techniques

2020 March

Combined proximal humerus fracture and acromioclavicular jointinjury: A case report

Chuaychoosakoon C, Klabklay P.

Int J Surg Case Rep

2020 Feb

Ipsilateral proximal and distal clavicle fractures combined with coracoid base fracture: A case report

Chuaychoosakoon C, Maliwankul K, Klabklay K, Thongwichian R, Boonriong T, Parinyakhup W, Duangnumsawang Y.


2019 May

Proximity of the Coracoid Process to the Neurovascular Structures in Various Patient and
Shoulder Positions: A Cadaveric Study

Chuaychoosakoon C, Suwanno P, Klabklay P, Sinchai C, Duangnumsawang Y,Suwannapisit S, Tangtrakulwanich B.


2019 Feb

Patient Position Is Related to the Risk of Neurovascular Injury in
Clavicular Plating: A Cadaveric Study

Chuaychoosakoon C, Suwanno P, Boonriong T, Suwannaphisit S, Klabklay P, Parinyakhup W, Maliwankul K, Duangnumsawang Y, Tangtrakulwanich B.

Clin Orthop Relat Res

2019 Dec

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