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รศ.นพ.ไชยวัฒน์  ช่วยชูสกูล

Assoc.Prof.Chaiwat Chuaychoosakoon,M.D.

สาขาที่เชี่ยวชาญ Sports Medicine










Risk of Radial Nerve Injury in Anterolateral Humeral Shaft Plating

Chirattikalwong S, Suwannaphisit S, Wuttimanop W, Chuaychoosakoon C.

J Am Acad Orthop Surg

2022 Sep

Using a modified J-shaped Y-knot all-suture anchor to pass a suture under
the coracoid process in coracoclavicular stabilization

Maliwankul K, Klabklay P, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Int J Surg Case Rep

2022 Mar

The Risk of Iatrogenic Peroneal Nerve Injury in Lateral Meniscal Repair
and Safe Zone to Minimize the Risk Based on Actual Arthroscopic Position An MRI Study

Chuaychoosakoon C, Boonsri P, Tanutit P, Laohawiriyakamol T, Boonriong T, Parinyakhup W.

Am J Sports Med

2022 Jun

A COVID-19 vaccination precipitating symptomatic calcific tendinitis: A
case report

Klabklay P, Boonsri P, Kanyakool P, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Ann Med Surg (Lond)

2022 Feb

Effectiveness of surgical interventions for treating de Quervain’s disease: A
systematic review and meta-analysis

Suwannaphisit S, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Ann Med Surg (Lond)

2022 Apr

Shoulder Injury Related to COVID-19 Vaccine Administration:
A Case Series

Maliwankul K, Boonsri P, Klabklay P, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Vaccines (Basel)

2022 Apr

Methylprednisolone Acetate Versus Dexamethasone Injection for Trigger Finger: A Double-blind Randomized Controlled Trial

Suwanno P, Chuaychoosakoon C.


2021 Sep - Oct

Comparing post-operative pain between single bundle and double bundle anterior
cruciate ligament reconstruction: a retrospective study

Chuaychoosakoon C, Parinyakhup W, Wiwatboworn A, Purngpiputtrakul P, Wanasitchaiwat P, Boonriong T.

BMC Musculoskelet Disord

2021 Sep

Combined subacromial-subdeltoid bursitis and supraspinatus tear following a COVID-19 vaccination: A case report: Complications following a COVID-19 vaccination

Boonsri P, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Ann Med Surg (Lond)

2021 Sep

Comparing the Efficacy of Postoperative Pain Control Between Intravenous Parecoxib and Oral Diclofenac in ACL Reconstruction

Chuaychoosakoon C, Parinyakhup W, Wiwatboworn A,Purngpiputtrakul P, Wanasitchaiwat P, Boonriong T.

Orthop J Sports Med

2021 Oct

The Danger Zone for Iatrogenic Neurovascular Injury in All-Inside Lateral Meniscal Repair in Relation to the Popliteal Tendon: An MRI Study

Chuaychoosakoon C, Wuttimanop W, Tangjatsakow P, Charoenrattanawat S, Parinyakhup W, Boonriong T, Chernchujit B.

Orthop J Sports Med

2021 Oct

The risk of iatrogenic radial nerve and/or profunda brachii artery injury in anterolateral humeral plating using a 4.5 mm narrow DCP: A cadaveric study

Chuaychoosakoon C, Chirattikalwong S, Wuttimanop W, Boonriong T, Parinyakhup W, Suwannaphisit S.

PLoS One

2021 Nov

The Relationship Between Arm Abduction Position and the Risk of Iatrogenic Anterior
Branch of the Axillary Nerve Injuries A Cadaveric Study

Chuaychoosakoon C, Suwannaphisit S.

Orthop J Sports Med

2021 May

Functional and Radiographic Outcomes of Intraoperatively Decreasing the Coracoclavicular Distance to 50% of the Unaffected Side in Stabilization of Acute Acromioclavicular Joint Injury

Klabklay P, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Orthop J Sports Med

2021 Ma

Premature hamstring graft amputation during harvesting in ACL reconstruction

Chuaychoosakoon C, Parinyakhup W, Boonriong T.

Int J Surg Case Rep

2021 Jun

Using a Modified Kirschner Wire to Pass the First Suture Under the Coracoid Base in Coracoclavicular Stabilization

Chuaychoosakoon C, Klabklay K, Maliwankul K.

Arthrosc Tech

2021 Jul

The Transportal Graft Passage in Transtibial Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction With a Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone Graft

Boonriong T, Parinyakhup W, Wuttimanop W, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Arthrosc Tech

2021 Jan

Shuttle Suture Technique for Passing Rotator Cuff Suture Through the Plate Eyelet Holes in Proximal Humerus Fixation

Klabklay P, Wuttimanop W, Iemsaengchairat C, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Arthrosc Tech

2021 Jan

Comparing the effectiveness of blended learning and traditional learning in
an orthopedics course

Suwannaphisit S, Anusitviwat C, Tuntarattanapong P, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Ann Med Surg (Lond)

2021 Dec

Location of the radial nerve along the humeral shaft between the prone and lateral decubitus positions at diferent elbow positions

Suwannaphisit S, Aonsong W, Suwanno P, Chuaychoosakoon C

Scientific Reports

2021 Aug

Deep vein thrombosis following arthroscopic meniscal root repair: A case report

Chavalparit P, Chuaychoosakoon C, Parinyakhup W, Boonriong T.

Int J Surg Case Rep

2021 Aug

Shoulder injury related to Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine: A case report

Chuaychoosakoon C, Parinyakhup W, Tanutit P, Maliwankul K, Klabklay P.

Ann Med Surg (Lond)

2021 Aug

Kirschner Wire Reference Technique in Open-Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy

Kwanyuang A, Boonriong T, Parinyakhup W, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Arthroscopy Techniques

2021 June

Coracoclavicular Stabilization With Two Loops of Equal Tension Using a Double O Loops Technique in the Distal Clavicle Fracture

Chuaychoosakoon C, Duangnumsawang Y, Klabklay P, Boonriong T, Apivatgaroon A.

Arthroscopy Techniques

2020 March

Coronal Alignment Correction and Maintenance of Tibial Slope in Opening- Wedge Valgus High Tibial Osteotomy Using a 4-Reference Kirschner Wire Technique

Chuaychoosakoon C, Parinyakhup W, Kwanyuang A, Duangnumsawang Y, Tangtrakulwanich B, Boonriong T.

Orthop J Sports Med

2020 Jun

Closed infected tibial plateau fracture and tibial tubercle avulsion:A case report

Chuaychoosakoon C, Parinyakhup W.

Int J Surg Case Rep

2020 Jun

Combined proximal humerus fracture and acromioclavicular jointinjury: A case report

Chuaychoosakoon C, Klabklay P.

Int J Surg Case Rep

2020 Feb

Suturing the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Using a No. 16 Intravenous Catheter Needle in Avulsion Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

Maliwankul K, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Arthrosc Tech

2020 Aug

Aspirin versus rivaroxaban in postoperative bleeding after total knee
arthroplasty: a retrospective case‑matched study

Yuenyongviwat V,Tuntarattanapong P, Chuaychoosakoon C, Iemsaengchairat C, Iamthanaporn K, Hongnaparak T.

Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol

2019 May

Ipsilateral proximal and distal clavicle fractures combined with coracoid base fracture: A case report

Chuaychoosakoon C, Maliwankul K, Klabklay K, Thongwichian R, Boonriong T, Parinyakhup W, Duangnumsawang Y.


2019 May

Proximity of the Coracoid Process to the Neurovascular Structures in Various Patient and
Shoulder Positions: A Cadaveric Study

Chuaychoosakoon C, Suwanno P, Klabklay P, Sinchai C, Duangnumsawang Y,Suwannapisit S, Tangtrakulwanich B.


2019 Feb

Patient Position Is Related to the Risk of Neurovascular Injury in
Clavicular Plating: A Cadaveric Study

Chuaychoosakoon C, Suwanno P, Boonriong T, Suwannaphisit S, Klabklay P, Parinyakhup W, Maliwankul K, Duangnumsawang Y, Tangtrakulwanich B.

Clin Orthop Relat Res

2019 Dec

Modified Semilateral Decubitus Position for Shoulder Arthroscopy and Its Application for Open Surgery of the Shoulder (One Setting for All Shoulder Procedures)

Keyurapan E, Chuaychoosakoon C.

Arthrosc Tech

2018 Mar

Prevention of Medial Femoral Condyle Injury by Using a Slotted Cannula in Anterior Cruciate LigamentReconstruction

Chuaychoosakoon C, Duangnumsawang Y, Apivatgaroon A.

Arthrosc Tech

2017 Sep

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